International Consulting Corporation - ICC
International Consulting Corporation - ICC


International Consulting Corporation - ICC main experience is in assisting international developmente institutions, water and energy sector regulators and utility operators for planning, design and operation of their systems, as well as developng investment, tariff and financial studies. Mathematical and computer models and software have been developed by ICC to facilitate this type of works..


Some of our main clients include:


· The World Bank

· The Inter-American Development Bank

· USAID, USTDA, UN and other aid agencies

· Asia and Africa Development Banks

· Regulators:

  • EWURA (Tanzania)
  • CRA (Colombia)
  • SIGET (El Salvador)
  • CONELEC (Ecuador)
  • INAA, INE and CNE (Nicaragua)
  • PURK (Kosovo)
  • CRA (Mozambique)
  • CNE (Dominican Republic)
  • ERA (Mongolia), etc.
  • MINEA (Angola)
  • WOW (Tanzania)

· Operators:

  • ICE (Costa Rica)
  • ENDE (Bolivia)
  • ODEBRETCH (Brazil)
  • ENDESA (Chile)
  • KEK (Kosovo)
  • ELETROBRAS (Brazil)
  • LITSA and EDENOR (Argentina)
  • ENEL (Nicaragua)
  • UBEDN (Mongolia)
  • AGUAYTIA (Peru)
  • CEL (El Salvador)
  • DAWASA, DAWASCO (Tanzania)
  • GEC (Guyana), etc.
· Other
  • ASICOM (Chile)
  • EDF (France)
  • JMA Engenharia (Brazil)
  • SADEYN (Ecuador)