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Regulatory Tools and Capacity Building for Electricity and Oil/Natural Gas

ICC won a bidding for providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Energy and Water of the Republic of Angola (MINEA) to carry out the feasibility study for the Southern Angola High-Voltage Transmission Line (the Project). The contract, funded by USTDA, was signed November 2012. The purpose of this TA is to evaluate the technical, financial, environmental, and other critical aspects of the Project. The primary objective of the TA is to provide MINEA with analyses and recommendations to support its decision-making regarding the implementation of the Project. Another objective of the TA is to improve MINEA's technical and managerial capacity to implement and sustain the Project.


ICC provided technical assistance for the project "Capacity Building for the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA)  of Tanzania". The contract, funded by USTDA,  was signed on November 2009. The scope of the work includes, inter alias: definition of electricity wholesale tariffs guidelines, development of an economic model for electricity wholesale tariffs calculation, preparation of guidelines for power grid access, development of a standard power purchase agreement for independent power producers, preparation of guidelines for oil and natural gas pipeline transportation tariffs, development of a economic model  for setting oil and natural gas pipeline transportation tariffs, preparation of standard guidelines for natural gas pipeline interconnections, preparation of service standards for natural gas pipelines, preparation of guidelines for economic regulation in the retail oil market, assessemnt of development social-economic and environmental impacts of the project implementation and on-the-job and formal capacity building of EWURA staff.

Financial Feasibility for a 630 MW Hydropower Plant

ICC was selected by the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, from Costa Rica,  to carry out the "Technical Feasibility and International Financial Package for the Hydroelectric Project EL DIQUIS (630 MW)", funded by USTDA. The work consists of: (a) creation of a model for carrying out sensibility analysis on the impact on revenues due to hydrology and other external potential risks; (b) definition of potencial local and foreign sources of debt, credit and equity; (c) investigation on risk sharing strategies; (d) creation of a financial model for analyzing project funding options; (e) recommendation of the best financial structure; (f) preparation of solicitation guidelines; (g) discussion with potential financial sources; and (h) preparation of form of agreements with investors. 


Upcoming Finance Workshop

International Consulting Corporation - ICC will be offering a new workshop on financing and accounting strategies to help small and medium-sized companies streamline their business practices. The workshop is open to anyone, but seating is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible.

International Consulting Corporation Welcomes You to Its New Website!

International Consulting Corporation - ICC is online with a new website. The consulting firm hopes prospective clients will explore the full range of services online, and invites them to contact International Consulting Corporation - ICC directly via the site.