International Consulting Corporation - ICC
International Consulting Corporation - ICC


We offer services in the areas of energy, water, sanitation and environment. Some of our important projects in these areas are listed below.

Energy Sector Projects


  • Feasibility Study for the Southern Angola High-Voltage Transmission Line, USTDA, signed November 2012.
  • Capacity Building for the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority of Tanzania (EWURA), USTDA 2009-2012.
  • Technical Feasibility and International Financial Package for the Hydroelectric Project EL DIQUIS (630 MW), ICE/USTDA 2009-2011.
  • Design and Implementation of a GIS Data System for the Electric Distribution Utilities of El Salvador, SIGET/ASICOM 2007-2008.
  • Design of the Data System SISDAT for the National Power Grid of Ecuador. World Bank/CONELEC, 2006-2007.
  • Least-Cost Expansion Plan for the Power System of Nicaragua (including renewable energy sources), World Bank/CNE, 2004-2005.
  • Reimbursement to Electricity Producers of Brazil due to reduction of CO2 emissions, Prototype Carbon Fund/WB, 2003-2004.
  • Design and implementation of the PFIRM model (stochastic generation of hydro inflow series and optimization of reservoir operation) and DSP model (least-cost load dispatching), HIDRONACION/SADEYN 2003-2005.
  • Least-Cost Expansion Plan for the Power System of Ecuador (including wind/solar/biomass options) SADEYN/CONELEC, 2004.
  • Review of the Strategic Energy Plan for Mongolia (electricity and district heating integrated markets), World Bank, 2003.
  • Design of the Information System for the Rural Electric Sector of Chile, CNE/ASICOM, 2003.
  • Definition of Private Investment Options for Large  Hydroelectric Projects in Ecuador, ODEBRECHT/SADEYN, 2002.
  • Setting of Operating Rules of the Energy Market and Implementation of the Tariff/Financial Model of PURK (Regulatory Authority of Kosovo), USAID, 2002.
  • Design of the Legal/Institutional Framework of Nicaragua., CNE/IDB, 2001.
  • Definition of the Operating Rules of the Wholesale Electric Power Market of Ecuador, CENACE, 2000 .
  • Design of the Master Plan of Rural Electrification of the Sao Paulo State (JMA/USP, 2000).
  • Design of the Regulatory Framework and Software Development for the Electricity and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of El Salvador, SIGET, 1998-1999.
  • Definition of the Social Subside System of the Electric Power Sector of El Salvador (FIS, 1998).
  • Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Projects of Brazil (World Bank/ELETROBRAS, 1997).
  • Definition of the Pricing System for Urban and Rural Retail Market of Electricity of El Salvador (SIGET/CEL, 1997).
  • Restructuring of the Electric Power Sector of Nicaragua—Program II (INE/ENEL/IDB, 1996)
  • Definition of the Electrification Master Plan of Guyana (GEC, 1996).
  • Definition of the Economically Adapted Transmission System, Framework and Functional Specification and Software for the Regulatory Agency of the Power Sector and the National Load Dispatching Center of Bolivia (Capitalization Ministry/ENDE/World Bank, 1995-1996)
  • Financing Analysis of the IDB Loan and Private Participation for Funding the Hydroelectric Power Plant SAMALAYUCA II (IDB, 1995).


Water, Sanitation and Environmental Sector  


· Legal and Institutional Restructuring of the Water/Sanitation Sector of Mozambique and Drafting of Laws for Regulatory and Operational Activities of the Sector, World Bank/IP3/MOPH, 2007-2009. The consultancy included the following tasks: creation of the Asset Management Unit (AMU), creation of Provincial Water Boards (PWB), draft Coordination and Cooperation Agreements between the AMU, PWB and Municipal, District and Provincial Governments, dissolution or liquidation of existing public operating companies, restructuring of municipal, district or local administrations that currently provide services, increase of private operators participation and expansion of the mandate of the Water Regulator.

·  Water Loss Improvements and Regulatory Reform Project, USTDA/CRA Colombia, 2004—2007. Evaluation of 189 water/sanitation public and private utilities and definition of a representative sample of 1,800 utilities for establishing acceptable technical, commercial, financial and environmental efficiency parameters for the utilities based on market size, country region and water demand characteristics. Recommendation of a standard matrix for classification of technical and commercial water losses and definition of a methodology for developing annual water balances. Definition of maximum acceptable "unaccounted for water losses" levels for each category of municipality/water service provider and determination of the optimal level of technical and commercial losses using a cost/benefit methodology. Determination of optimal micrometering levels for each utility. Determination of the least-cost investment plan for 2006-2015 period, which intended to achieve acceptable technical losses and micrometering levels. Determination of administrative, financial and commercial management plans for utilities to achieve commercial losses and efficient performance goals. Analysis of current price levels for water and sanitation services, and evaluation of the impact of environmental charges in the prices for final users. Definition of the best strategy for financing recommended expansion plans. Design of a national environmental licensing system for utilities and subcontractors, facilitating the request of permits for construction or operation of water supply or sanitation works.

· Capacity Building of the Water Regulator of Mozambique (Conselho de Regulaçao do Abastecimento de Agua - CRA), IP3/WB, 2002-2003.

· Tariff and Financial Support for the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission of Kosovo (PURK) in Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste Sectors, USAID/EU, 2002

· Technical Assistance for the Water Sector Regulator in Kosovo , USAID/EU, 2001.

· Technical Assistance for the Water Sector Regulator in Nicaragua (INAA); Tariff Negotiations with the Water Operator, IDB, 2001

· Assessment of Development Impact of IDB Private Sector Projects of Aguas Argentinas and Aguas Provinciales de Santa Fe, IDB, 2000

· Financial Evaluation of ENACAL, the National Water Utility of Nicaragua, IDB, 1999 – 2000

· Technical Supervision of the Montreal Protocol Projects for Brazil, WB, 1999.

· Assessment on Tariff Impacts on the Financial Situation of INAA, former National Water Utility of Nicaragua , IDB/INAA, 1998

· Master Plan of Water and Sewage of Uruguay, OSE/World Bank, 97- 98

· Institutional and Financial Analysis of the Water Sector of the State of Mexico and Federal District, IDB/CNA/CADF/CEAS, 1997.

· Montreal Protocol Projects in Brazil,  World Bank, 1994 -1997